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Validus Recording Facility - Equipment List

Studio Dimensions
Control Room 13'w x 16' L x 8 H
Tracking Room 12' 1/2 w by 21' L x 8' 9" H
Lounge 12 w x 8 L

Control Room
Protools Hd 5
Digidesign D-Command Console
Tannoy 600b speakers
Focal Twin 6's speakers

Outboard Gear and Microphones
Neve pre's
Millennia pre's
Universal Audio pre's
Grove Tube pre's
Neve Eq's
Millennia Eq's
Api Eq's
B & B Eq's
Ahpex Eq's
Akg 414's
Akg 451's and 452's
Neumann U87 ( From CBS Studios)
Neumann 149
Neumann u 47 fet
Beyer 201's
Beyer 160
Shure 57's
Shure 58's
Audio Technica 4050
Audio Technica 2500
Dbx 160's Compressor/Limiters
Dbx 165's Compressor/Limiters
Distressor Compressor/Limiters
UA 1176 Compressor/Limiters
Manley Vu Mu Compressor/Limiter
Dangerous 2 Buss

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