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Mikey Pannone

Mikey Pannone was born and raised in Rhode Island, and began playing drums at 5 years old. His earliest musical influences came from his parents, who are both musicians themselves. Mikey is highly skilled in Jazz, jazz-fusion, funk, and blues to rock, punk, and metal. His comprehensive style mastery comes from studying in depth rhythm concepts such as rudiments, drum notation, odd-meter, and metric modulation. Aside from being in several "pick-up and jam" type bands, Mikey was part of the contemporary rock and jazz ensemble groups as well.

Now living in San Diego, Mikey involves himself in various bands in San Diego and Los Angeles and continues to gain experience in studio recording. You can currently hear Mikey in the Power Metal band "Benedictum". He is also available for studio recording work.

Contact info: mikepann003@yahoo.com

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