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John Covington

John Covington, Aka "Pulverizer" is a vagabond renaissance man. Literally born into a home with Leedy Drums, as a baby he teethed on hickory drumsticks. Spreading his talents between drumming for countless bands, projects, games and loss-losers, he's also an industrial designer, motorcycle builder, entrepreneur and shameless self-promoter of his commercial photography business. He started to collect and play vintage Leedy drums around 2001 and claims to have amassed the worlds largest collection of restored playable Leedy tubs in every size from the 1920's through the 60's. His prized drums are from the 1940's era and no matter how hard he beats them, they keep on taking his pulverizing abuse. For the whole Pulver-story go to www.drumpulverizer.com , www.musclebikes.com and most importantly www.jcstudiosllc.com. John's motto "Rock Hard, Rock OFTEN!"

Contact John: John@jcstudiosllc.com

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