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ALT DRUMS was built to add punch and weight to your recorded drum sounds. Unleash your creative genius with real drums played by professional drummers and recorded by award winning producer Ryan Greene. Ryan has worked with Megadeth, Jay-Z, Alice Cooper, Cheap Trick, NOFX, Patty La Belle and many more.

ALT DRUMS feature high-quality samples recorded in multiple studio environments allowing you to select the perfect sound. Options like, "dry", "with overhead" and "with room" are all included. ALT DRUMS also provides multiple articulations like regular hits, rim shots, side sticks, snare flams, ghost hits, dry kick, kick with snare rattle and much more. The attention to detail means you can create the proper sonic experience for your drum tracks.

ALT DRUMS are recorded with multiple drummers hitting multiple kits. Hand picked Hard-Hitting drummers like Troy Luccketta from the band Tesla, Gary Sanchez, Randy Walker, John Covington, and Bruce Weitz and cut them lose to do what they do best.

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